The Story of Artabuild

Hello, my name is Clive Richards,

Artabuild was Inspired by my desire to share my art work and hopefully in the near future, continue to build and showcase the work of other talented artists.

I spent a number of years travelling to many country's of the world, being inspired and painting along the way. I currently reside in and run my business from Torrenueva Costa, Spain.

I have always had, what one might call, a naive positivity about the world and have chosen to see it through positive lenses,... for me, the glass is always half full, so to speak.

I think my work reflects my bright and positive outlook and will enliven your living space or infuse a little positive creativity into your personal style.

Explore my assembled assortment of unique artwork, apparel prints, canvas pieces, prints on premium paper, acrylic and accessories. I have also recently added a fun, AI print collection.

May you uncover the ideal blend of artistry, style and practicality you desire, here at Artabuild,... And / Or, put in a Custom Request!! All photo work and mockups are Absolutely Free. You will pay the same for your Custom Print, on any of the available items as you would for one of my designs.

Artabuild uses High Quality, Highly Rated print on demand company's, situated throughout many country's of the world. Your order, will more than likely be printed and delivered from within your own country, in 8 to 12 days. 

Any purchase of Original Art, will be shipped from Torrenueva Costa, Spain.

Thank you for your interest,

Peace and Have a Great Day!! Clive.

You are welcome to view more about me at Clive Richards Photography, Art & Projects 

Clive Richards Photography, Art & Projects is a site I made in 2012 as a kind of resume. NOTHING is for sale, on the Photography, Art & Projects site but you may enjoy viewing a little about my background as a self taught artist. 

P.S. If you see a piece of Original Art, that you really Love but it's out of your price-range, feel free to contact me at, and make me an offer. All offers will be considered:)



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Water-Pixled Photographic Prints on Paper, Canvas & Acrylic

Canvas & Paper Prints from Original Art